Top 12 robot pets for young geeks

February 7, 2012

Today robots are growing in complexity and are playing a vital role in the ever-growing lethargic community and it will not be surprising to see at least one robot in every home in the near future. Robots not only make our life easier but they also provide entertainment to us in diverse ways, like these robot pets I’ve discussed below. 12. Talking Robot Parrot Price: $39.96 Chain Fong created this talking Robot Parrot who records and repeats your words. Moreover, it flaps its wings, sings songs, giggles and plays music. Don’t try and act cocky with the talking robot parrot as it repeats your words. 11. Essex Robotic Fish This robotic fish is not pre-programmed; instead, it has sensors-based controls, which let the fish move around the aquarium avoiding objects and other fishes. Robotic fish was under vigil of robotics experts from Essex University, east of London for the last 10 years.

This fish is world’s first autonomous robotic fish, which moves in a very realistic way. The fish is about 50cm in length, 15cm high and 12cm wide and is covered with bright scales that reflect light. You can embellish you aquarium with these, however, keep charging the batteries, though the idea will save you from feeding and changing water repeatedly. 10. Walkie Bits Turtle Price: $18.00 These tiny turtles crawl around your desk as any real turtle would do. Although, the 2-inches long turtle won’t swim, but in case you tap its shell up to 15 times in the rhythmic pattern of your choice, it will chirp it back to you and moves in a cute wiggling fashion. The turtle is not intelligent enough to put aside obstacles. 9. Gupi III Price: $54.19 Guinea pig Gupi III is a perfect robotic toy for geeky kids. The latest version of Gupi, a robotic guinea pig, is slightly smaller with four mood states and four extra features like sneezing and breaking wind. Gupi III has long lasting batteries, more realistic fur and detects edge while moving around. When they are hungry you have to give carrot (charges via ‘carrot’), to re-energize them to play with you. You can’t take Gupi III for walks as they can disappear into some small hole in a fence never to be seen again. 8. Spi-Dog Price: $29.99 and $39.95 After Spidersapien, now we have Spi-Dog, perhaps introduced to promote Spider-Man 3. Like its previous version iDog, plug your MP3 player into Spi-Dog, hear the music through Spi-Dog’s speaker and watch him dance to your iPod’s beats. If you have to listen to music via headphones simply turn off the speakers by toggling Spi-Dog’s tail. There is a black Venom edition too available in market. With an in-built MP3, it could have been best singing pet for me. 7. Paro Therapeutic Robot History in itself is a proof that animals have always played a vital role in man’s life. What could be better than a robotic pet with therapeutic features? This is a very cute furry harp seal robot which responds to patting by moving its tail and opening and closing its eyes. Paro’s entire body is covered with tactile sensors and its actuators provide it with smooth movements. Surprising facts: The handmade robot shows emotions, produces sounds like a baby seal but to the contrary is active during the day and goes to sleep at night. 6. Necoro Price:($1530) Necoro is a robot pussycat built by Omron. The cat was introduced in 2001. It comes in fur and it’s movements make it warm like real cats. The cat won’t be a replacement of your real cat as it will neither hop on your lap nor chase you. 5. Robotic MIBO pet Jin San, often referred to as an excellent humanoid robot designer, is the mastermind behind this mechanical pet – ‘MIBO’. The robotic dog is a clone of Sony’s popular AIBO, but is Jin’s very own and original that came even before the NXT system and involved several individual LEGO Mindstorm piece. MIBO comes with a five motor design but interestingly has six varied degrees of freedom. MIBO is six human years old – has a few slip-ups with its gear now and then – but like the genetic copy (the DOG) itself, still keeps the owner company. 4. Dacky Price: $70.82 Takara Tomy released its latest Daky – the healing Partner – early this year. Its six internal sensors throughout the body enable it to respond appropriately to your touch. Like an intelligent humanoid, the dog can bark and can speak over 650 Japanese words. Its biggest drawback is that it cannot speak in any other language except for Japanese. Grip over English could have made this an adorable pet. 3. Sega Dream Pony Price: $578 Sega Dream pony can be a perfect pet for those who want hassle-free pet keeping. Pat the pony’s neck, back, and it shakes it head and moves its ears and tail in appreciation, just like the real deal. It can carry up to 36kgs on its back. Sadly and surprisingly though, Dream Pony won’t take you anywhere, as its legs cannot move. 2. Remote controlled Robot fish Robo-carp cost the researchers a huge amount of $255,000. Last year some renowned Japanese scientists led by Tetsuo Ichikizaki, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., in Hiroshima, unveiled remote-controlled robot fish, which has some cool features, like a video camera and an oxygen sensor in its mouth. It measures 32-inch and 12-kilo. After Sony’s Aibo, robot fish can be man’s best friend. I wish there is a massive increase in the demand so that you can see this robot fish in your pool. 1. Smart Pleo Robot Pet Price: $400 -500 Pleo is a baby dinosaur barely bigger than a squirrel. Ugobe manufactured this toy with oversized eyes, a toothy grin and short, pudgy legs and body. Caleb Chung designs Pleo and defines it as, ‘the first truly autonomous Life Form capable of emotions that allow personal engagement.’ Pleo is a very cute pet, which your child would certainly like. Pleo will reach UK and Ireland this June. There were some controversies regarding the claims that Pleo responds to human interaction – these are that toy’s motions are identical during both video manifestations. However, company overruled these controversies saying that the demonstration videos were meant to acquaint people with Pleo’s range of behaviors and movements in a condensed form.

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